Producers Without Borders

Los Angeles May 2021
Cannes July 2021

Who are we?

A global network of proven international producers who thrive on working and learning from one another in film, television and multi-media. We are a closed group. No membership fees, newsletters, endless chat groups or conference calls. We meet in person, face to face, to create lasting relationships based on personal connections where your word is your bond. 

Our Mantra

Our code of conduct is simple: Be Authentic. Be Real. No matter how competent you are in your craft, treat people with respect, kindness and humility. And above all, always keep your promises; especially if the obstacles seem insurmountable…That’s why you are a REAL producer because you will always be defined by your peers for the things unseen in the credits.
We create and share information by tapping into a vast international network of “go to producers” that immediately respond to help launch projects.

What we do

How do I join and How does it work?

Joining the group requires a recommendation by current members based on your integrity, honesty and work ethic. You will be invited to one of our private events or asked to participate in one of our educational seminars/webinars where your valuable skills will be called upon to help our network of international producers solve an issue. This is based on a philosophy of “pay it forward.” Get in touch to learn more!

Why is it important?

Your reputation is your currency. Trust is essential. Due diligence filters only work when like-minded individuals have a common bond that serves a network with a shared vision: One based on collaboration, creativity, and delivery. Your handshake acts as your signature on a professional relationship to be honored based on your ethics of being positive role models for future producers

Our Mission..Where are we going?

Our plan is to have a group of 1000 “Immortal” Producers by 2027 who share the same consistency of philosophy from one country and culture to another…where a call to a action is answered without hesitation and the result will speak for itself.

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