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Venice Film Festival 2022
Cannes Film Festival 2022
Paris April 2022
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London December 2022
Berlinale-Berlin International Film Festival 2023
Cannes Film Festival 2023
Venice Film Festival 2023
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Who are we?

A global network of esteemed professionals from diverse industries including film, television, technology, finance, law, medicine, architecture, real estate, and more. Our focus lies in fostering collaboration, continuous professional learning, and cultivating personal connections through in-person meetings, where trust and integrity are paramount.

Our Mantra

Our code of conduct is simple: Maintain authenticity and uphold integrity, treating others with respect, kindness, and humility. Keep your promises and fulfill your commitments, even when faced with challenges. Success is guided by three principles: gratitude, responsiveness, and paying it forward.
We utilize our vast global network of experienced producers who are readily available to assist in launching projects requiring specific expertise or talent, ensuring swift execution without endless red tape and delays.

What we do

How do I join?

1) Joining PWBs requires a recommendation from current members reflecting your integrity, honesty, and work ethic. 2) You will then be invited to one of our private events or asked to participate in one of our educational seminars/webinars where your valuable skills will be called upon to help our network of international producers solve a challenge. This aligns with our philosophy of “paying it forward”. 3) Reach out to learn more!

Why is our network important?

Your reputation and authenticity is your currency. Trust is essential. Due diligence filters only work when like-minded individuals have a common bond that serves a network with a shared vision. Moreover, your handshake is your signature on a professional relationship to be honored based on your ethics of being a positive role model to future producers.

Mission Statement

We honor the chain of authentic business connections amongst thought leaders to collaborate, create and deliver content via multiple disciplinary skill sets. By guiding and curating diverse voices in the entertainment field to cross pollinate their talent and expertise with other professionals, our trusted global network of experts strives to enhance the value of our collective creative visions.
Executives from Alamo Drafthouse, Disney, Filmnation, History Channel, Intel, Lifetime, Neon, Picturestart, Verizon Media, Wattpad and More Join American Film Market® Speaker Lineup
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Trans'fair'ency: anatomy of blockchain distribution strategy. An industry session from the 2018 BFI London Film Festival that was run in association with the Producers Guild of America, The Production Guild, and Abacus.
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Interview 1 With Kayvan Mashayekh About PGA "Producers Without Borders" @ 70th annual Cannes Film Festival
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