Advisory Board Member & Global Events Management

JoJo Dye, the name behind the brand JJD Consultancy, has extensive knowledge of producing events around the world and a reputation that is difficult to top. Well connected, energetic and with an irresistible sense of humour, Jojo makes for a compelling broker of deals.

With over 25 years of experience in the film and tv industries, JoJo has consistently been called upon to produce some of the biggest and best events at various festivals in Cannes, Abu Dhabi LA and Berlin. Via her own brand called “The Members Club” In Cannes, she has also created parties and conferences for companies as varied as property clients, governmental agencies, finance houses, music moguls, celebrities and high-end wet goods companies amongst many others.

JJDConsultancy provides critical support to many amazing creatives, PR firms and individuals, designers and production companies that rely on her years of experience and the loyalty she affords. The consistent and constant attention to detail that the agency provides is second to none, hence why companies come back time and time again for her expertise and work ethic.