PWB Branded Content Producer

Roxanne is a graduate of the prestigious UCLA Film School with a concentration in screenwriting which eventually launched her career as a branded content director. Her strong work ethic led her to excel in digital native brands as an early adopter of social media advertising and content marketing. From innovative TV campaigns with Kate Hudson for Fabletics to Facebook Lives with Demi Lovato, Roxanne has crafted creative campaigns with ROI. Her cross sectional talent skills as an editor, camera operator and director on hundreds of global ad placements in the fitness and spirituality space brought her full circle back to Kayvan after 18 years when she worked on his feature film, “The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam” as a first assistant editor. Kayvan’s trust in Roxanne’s skills in assembling worthwhile footage was something that to this day is cherished and valued deeply. With an exceptional eye for detail coupled with her passion for photography, she was the perfect match for the visual artisan team that makes PWB shine in all the photographs you see on our website. She loves working with Producers Without Boarders to capture the tiny moments of connection that define each event. See more of her work at